Roberts Road Strathfield South

Roberts Road Strathfield South is now one of Sydney’s busiest roads.  Roberts Road joins King Georges Road with Centenary Drive and Homebush Bay Drive, connecting Sydney’s central western and south western areas of Sydney as well as the M4 Motorway to Sydney’s west and the M5 Motorway to Sydney’s south west.

Roberts Road and Centenary Drive are estimated to carry over 60,000 vehicles on a daily basis.

The photos above were taken in 1958  show that Roberts Road was formed but not concreted or asphalted.  The changes in this road system in less than 60 years are significant.

Roberts Road is a boundary between Strathfield Council and City of Canterbury-Bankstown Council.  The road takes its name from William Roberts, who was granted land on which the road was built in 1816 and 1837.


  1. I think they may be. I think the buildings were the storage for the old Walton’s Department store. I think the grass is the former Matthews Park, which today is Officeworks, Service Station, Gloria Jean’s etc.


    1. I agree Cathy, I grew up in Ivy St, 8 doors up from Roberts Rd. The Tarax soft drink factory was there also. The suburb was called East Bankstown when my parents bought there block of land in 1951, and a photo from then shows cows grazing in what is now Lee Park area . Cheers


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