Kessell Square Strathfield

Kessell Square is a public recreation area dedicated as part of the ‘Crown of Strathfield’ subdivision in 1923, which involved the subdivision of building sites from the original 1841 land grant to Joseph Hyde Potts, Secretary of Bank of NSW.  The ‘Crown of Strathfield’ created many streets including Marion St, Fraser St, Edgar St etc, which were named for members of the Potts family.

The ‘Crown of Strathfield’ subdivision includes a public recreation area, which was later dedicated as Kessell Square, named for Arthur Kessell, Mayor of Strathfield 1919-20.  The late 1910s and 1920s were a period of rapid subdivision in Strathfield and Council’s planning policies required allocation of open space for purpose of public recreation, particularly in large subdivisions such as the ‘Crown of Strathfield’.

The photograph of Kessell Square is dated 1947.

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