Homebush historical art project – please vote and support

The Strathfield-Homebush District Historical Society, with the support of Strathfield Council, have bid for community grants to build public art in Homebush to commemorate the former Homebush Racecourse.

Sydney’s racecourse operated at Homebush until its move to Randwick. Today, there is no visual evidence of the racecourse.  The Society have proposed developing a public art project at Homebush and have applied for grant funding.  The design on the website is conceptual but if the grant is successful, a full design will be commissioned and educational signage and information will be developed.

About the project (this takes you to an external site)

History of the Homebush Racecourse 

How you can help

Please vote for the project.  Those people who live in the State Electorate of Strathfield are eligible to vote.  https://mycommunityproject.service.nsw.gov.au/how-to-vote

Town & Country Journal September 21 1895 illustration of Homebush Racecourse

Why are we proposing this project?

This project provides a means of celebrating Strathfield and Homebush’s culture, rich history and diverse communities and land uses. It would highlight forgotten history in a form that provokes discussion and contemplation. The public art would enhance and beautify the urban environment, increasing the use and enjoyment of public space, and assist in building social cohesion. The art could become a recognisable landmark and destination.

This public art will reflect the unique character, heritage and history of the local area and become a significant landmark and promote discussion of past lives and history. The project will improve the appearance of the local built environment by providing an intersection between past, present, and future by adding cultural value, enhancement of public areas and promote social cohesion.

This project requires the support of Strathfield Council, who have the technical expertise and resources to deliver the construction of the public art and are the land owners. The Society will provide historical research and support in phases of the project including launch and community education. The project will be delivered by 2020 and will be located in a public place and open to everyone. Background research can be found on the Strathfield heritage website.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • Iconic, interesting, unique and attractive landmark.
  • Reveal and promote unique local character and history.
  • Homebush has no significant local public art and this would improve the attractiveness of the local area.

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