Women on Strathfield Council

Since 1885, a total of 18 women have served as Aldermen/Councillors at Strathfield Council.  No women served as Aldermen on Homebush Council (1906-1947) or Enfield Council (1889-1949).

The first woman elected to Strathfield Council was Eileen Stirk in 1965.  The first woman Mayor was Eve Dutton in 1991.

The following women have served on Strathfield Council.

* denotes service as Mayor.

+ denotes service as Deputy Mayor

Eileen Stirk 1965-1968
Jean Baikie 1968-1971
Marjorie Scott 1968-1971
Helen L’Orange 1968-1977
Mary Farr+ 1981-1987
Nola Foster+ 1983-1991
Eve Dutton* 1987-2000
Rosalind Au-Yong 1991-1995
Patricia Giammarco 1991-1995
Elizabeth Gewandt*+ 1991-2008
Virginia Judge* 1995-2004
Helen Jones 2000-2004
Patricia Robinson 2000-2004
Cathy Jones 2000-2004
Brenda Gillard 2004-2008
Hope Brett-Bowen+ 2008-2012
Helen McLucas+ 2010-2017
Stephanie Kokkolis+* 2012-2021
Karen Pensebene+ 2017-2021
Maryanne Duggan 2017-2021
Nella Hall+ 2017-2021

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