Strathfield Town Centre Photo Gallery

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  1. Enjoying all these photos of Strathfield in the past. Does anyone remember a small plant nursery opposite the railway station? Even better, has anyone a photograph of the nursery or any further detail ?


    1. My grandparents owned the motel next door to that nursery ‘Strathfield Towers Motel’ before it was sold and demolished late 80’s early 90’s. I’m here trying to find some about the motel. Along Albert Rd there was the motel, then the nursery, then the original Strathfield Car Radio store next to that


      1. I remember the motel. I’ll see what I can find. Either check back or subscribe to the site, which updates by email when there is a new post. Regards, Cathy


  2. Hi
    Years ago we used to go to Mr Keary’s general store. As a 17 year old I got to work in this store as well. With its very quaint lolly jars everywhere – I miss this store.



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