Homebush Cattle and Sheep Saleyards

by Cathy Jones

In 1870, cattle and sheep yards were erected near Homebush Railway Station and were progressively expanded (Fox 1986: 43).  In 1882, the saleyards and resting paddocks then known as Flemington Saleyards became the central saleyards for Sydney (Jones, 1985: 147).  They were opened in 1882 by John Harris, then Mayor of Sydney, amid much protest from Strathfield Council.  In 1884, Flemington Station opened with a footbridge connected to the saleyards (Fox 1986: 43).

In 1915, the State Abattoirs were transferred from Glebe and opened at Homebush Bay. The Flemington saleyards operated until 1967 when they were transferred to the Homebush Abbatoir site (Fox 1986: 43).

The former Flemington saleyards site was redeveloped into Flemington Markets, now known as Sydney Markets.  Sydney Markets including Paddy’s Markets were opened in 1975.


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