Frederick Wallis

Frederick Wallis

Alderman [1917-1929] & Mayor [1923-24]

Frederick James Wallis served on Strathfield Council from 1917 to 1929. He was elected as Mayor in 1923 and 1924. Wallis lived at ‘Merriwa’ from 1903, cnr Oxford and Homebush Roads Strathfield [which is now the Strathfield Home for the Aged].

Wallis was in partnership with his cousins, the Bells, of James Bell and Company, and ran the Sydney branch of their merchant firm. A member of the Strathfield Congregational Church, he forged a strong tie with Meriden School at Strathfield. The schools prosperity owes much to Wallis’ involvement and generosity. The Wallis Building and Wallis Hall at Meriden are named for him Wallis was also a notable art collector. Wallis Avenue and Wallis Reserve at Strathfield are also named for him. He died in December 1960.


Cooke, A., Visions of Parnassus, Meriden School, 1997

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