Wilheim von der Heyde

Alderman [1885-1891] & Mayor of Strathfield [1886-7 & 1889]

Elwood House, home of Wilheim von der Heyde
Elwood House, home of Wilheim von der Heyde

Wilheim Von der Heyde [1829-1896] was elected as an Alderman to the first Strathfield Council in 1885 and served until 1891.

Heyde was elected Mayor in 1886-1887 and 1889.

Heyde was born in Germany and was an importer and tobacco merchant trading as ‘Heyde, Todman & Co’ at 51 York Street Sydney with his business partner George Todman. This business was established in 1875 and was described in the Adeline Centennial History of 1888 as ‘a wholesale place of great importance. Further, they were described as ‘agents for the most prominent manufacturers of cigars in Havana, Island of Cuba, from which places the choicest brands of tobacco and cigars are constantly imported by them’.

Heyde served for many years as President of the German Club.  In 1891, Wilhem Von der Heyde was appointed Consul to Spain.   He had previously been gazetted to the position of Vice-Consul in 1890.

After Heyde’s death in 1896, Todman became the sole proprietor of the business, which was sold to Messrs W D & H O Wills. Todman’s obituary [SMH 9/6/1924] notes that Heyde’s son was manager of W D & H O Wills.

Wilheim Von der Heyde (sketch from Town & Country Journal)
Wilheim Von der Heyde (sketch from Town & Country Journal)

Von Der Heyde built ‘Elwood House’ [see picture] in Albert Rd Strathfield in 1884, which was located next to George Todman’s mansion ‘Milroy’.

Both homes were demolished in the early 1930’s and are now the site of Strathfield Girls High.

Heyde Street Strathfield is named for him.


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