Colin Hudson

Colin Hudson
Colin Hudson

Alderman (1941-1952) & Mayor (1944-1949)

Colin Hudson (1894-1975) served as Mayor of Strathfield for seven consecutive years from 1944-1949.

He was the Managing Director of Loveridge and Hudson, stone merchants and chairman of the Equitable Building Society, which was founded by his grandfather.

Hudson was very involved in community life and in addition to his involvement with Strathfield Council, he was Commissioner of Scouts in the Burwood District, Secretary of the Sydney Rotary Club and Chairman of Meriden School [1960-65].

Hudson lived at ‘Dalmeny’ 18 Wakeford Rd Strathfield.

Hudson Park, Arthur Street Strathfield is named for Colin Hudson.


Cooke, A., Visions of Parnassus, Meriden School, 1997


  1. I began my five year apprenticeship at R.J. Paterson’s Katoomba Monumental Works January 1954, on 4th July 1955 I began work at Loveridge and Hudson’s stone yard at Brown Street Lewisham where I completed my apprenticeship and later worked as draftsman for the granite yard. The company carried out the stonework for the Reserve Bank in Hobart and my family and I spent 18 months there returning to Sydney in 1976. I remained with the company until 1984 after working also as site supervisor for a number of years. Mr Colin Hudson was a well respected man and I remember him well having worked in the office next to his office for about 15 years.


    1. Thanks for your comments. I am currently working on a history of Loveridge and Hudson and would love to speak with you. I am Keena Hudson, married to Andrew Hudson, Ted’s son. My email address is


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