Wakeford Road Strathfield

This street is named for William Wakeford, who subdivided the nearby land. His Estate was named “Wakeford’s Orangery” as Wakeford was an eminent propagator and cross breeder of oranges. Once known as King Street, changed to Wakeford’s Road and then Wakeford Rd.

Past residents

  • Colin Hudson, Mayor of Strathfield (1944-49), lived at ‘Dalmeny’, 16-18 Wakeford Rd Strathfield (now demolished).
  • William Quodling, engineer, NSW Railways at ‘Couranga’ cnr Wakeford Road and The Boulevarde.  Clara Quodling was a member of the Wilshire, Jones and Thompson families of early 20th Century Strathfield.
  • Alan Kell, former head of Kell Rigby & Co, a large building construction firms, lived at 20 Wakeford Rd (demolished)
  • Harvey Ford, solicitor and Mayor of Strathfield [1965-66].
  • Walter (Wally) Esmond Arnott, a solicitor and member of the Arnott’s biscuit family lived at ‘Balnagowan’ 15-17 Wakeford Rd from c.1915 to 1955.
  • George Sydney Jones, architect, lived at ‘Derra Derra’  Wakeford Road in late 1890s.

Historic Properties

1 Wakeford Road Strathfield

3 Wakeford Road Strathfield

10 Wakeford Road Strathfield

15-17 Wakeford Road Strathfield