Wellbeck 96 Burlington Road

‘Wellbeck’ 96 Abbotsford Road Homebush

By Cathy Jones

‘Wellbeck’ is an Victorian Italianate house located at 96 Abbotsford Road Homebush.  The house was built on 1878 Village of Homebush Estate.

‘Wellbeck’ was built c.1892.  Its first owner was Albert Nicholson, a solicitor.  Nicholson was the owner and occupier until c.1900, when the house was purchased by the Mutual Life Association.

In 1903, the house was transferred to Mrs Emily Maria Forrester who renamed it ‘Warwick’ and lived their with her three young daughters, Florence Louise, Gertie Emily and Ellie May. Her son Charles Albert Forrester had already married and lived at ‘Chesney’ Liverpool. Mrs Forrester was the widow of William Forrester (1842-1901) of Warwick Farm. In 1882 Forrester had bought the rural property Warwick Farm and he became one of the most successful horse trainers and owners of his time. He owned and trained two Melbourne Cup winners, Gaulus in 1897 and The Grafter in 1898 and had multiple Cup place getters in that decade. After Mrs Forrester died in 1917 her unwed daughters Gertie and Ellie moved to Cremorne.

Wellbeck Abbotsford Road Homebush. Photo Cathy Jones
‘Wellbeck’ 96 Abbotsford Road Homebush. Photo Cathy Jones

The house was then sold to Albert James Sydney Palmer, a cutter.  The house was then renamed ‘Wellbeck’. Palmer sold the house in  August 1927 to Andrew Gillies Gibson and Ellen Ruth Gibson, ident agent and his wife for the sale price of £1750.  In May 1939, Mr & Mrs Gibson sold the house to Charles Martin, gentleman and Emma, his wife for £1400 pounds.  In August 1959, the house was transferred from the estate of the late Charles Martin to Edward Stevens, public servant and his wife Anne for £5450 pounds. By 1966, the house was owned by Liros & Marigo Ajdukovic.


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