George Davey

George Davey [1874-1954]

Mayor 1926-1927 and Alderman 1922-1948

George Davey 1938George Davey [1874-1954] served on Strathfield Council for 26 years and was Mayor in 1926-27. Photo of George Davey was taken in 1938.

Davey’s long period of involvement on Strathfield Council was marked by many achievements. His period in office coincided with a rapid expansion in residential development in Strathfield and Davey advocated extensions of street planting schemes, acquisition of land for public parks and planting of trees and shrubs in parks, gardens and reserves. When the Strathfield Railway Station was extended in the 1920’s, Davey insisted on acquiring additional land on the southern side of the Station and instead of the proposed road width of 40 feet, he demanded 100 feet. Strathfield Council contributed £3000 to the road acquisition. This land today is the Strathfield Town Centre. Davey Square and Davey Square Memorial are named for him.

Davey was the managing director of flour millers Edwin Davey & Co. His daughter Phyllis, married aviator and flour miller Nigel Love. Love founded N B Love Industries at Enfield [now part of Weston Milling]. In 1940, Edwin Davey & Co merged with N B Love Industries. The former warehouse of Edwin Davey & Co is still visible at Pyrmont and its’ façade is heritage listed by City of Sydney Council.

George Davey was active in many community activities including the Strathfield Methodist Church and he was Treasurer of Methodist Ladies College [MLC] in Burwood for 25 years. He lived at ‘Koorianda’ 5-7 Broughton Rd, which is now heritage listed.


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