‘Claireville’ 61 Water St Belfield

By Cathy Jones

‘Clareville’ 61 Water Street Belfield, a single storey freestanding weatherboard cottage,  is located on part of the original John Alford land grant.  This land eventually was subdivided and in 1906 and sold as the ‘Clareville Estate’.

Lots 37 and 38 were purchased by William Henry Williams, an engine driver and Reginald Llewellyn Williams, a labourer on 7 June 1906.  The house described as ‘new weatherboard house’ was built in 1910. The 1914 electoral roll lists the occupiers of the house as Reginald and William Henry Williams, employee and railway employee respectively as well William Henry William Jnr, a tram driver.  In 1921, following the death of William Williams, his share was transferred to Reginald Williams and in 1925 it was sold to William Francis Bush, a local builder.  Bush sold the house to Priscilla Blanche Carr, wife of Edward Clarence Carr of North Sydney, gentlemen on 21 December 1937.  In 1944, the house was sold to Albert Wallace Wildren of Enfield, machinist.  The house transferred to Beatrice Anderson Wildern, after the death of Albert, who retained it until 1991.


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