‘Huntingtower’ 33-35 Homebush Road Strathfield

By Cathy Jones

’Huntingtower’ is situated on the original Thomas Rose grant of 1793.  This land was acquired by the Camden Congregational College, who intended to build a theological college at Strathfield.  With the onset of the 1890’s economic depression, this plan became unviable and the College Trustees opted to subdivide the land and offer it for residential sale in 1898.  This subdivision includes land in Albert Rd [65-103 Albert Rd], Homebush Rd [25-39 Homebush Rd] and Beresford Rd.

Huntingtower’ was erected in 1900 by builder Robert Finch, who built houses from 27 to 39 Homebush Road.  The first owner was William Meeke Fehon [1834-1911], Commissioner of NSW Railways. Fehon served as Commissioner of NSW Railways from 1888 to 1907.  Fehon sold the house in 1908 to William Gunning, an independent agent. From 1922-1944, ‘Huntingtower’ was owned by manufacturer Ronald Beale. The grounds of ‘Huntingtower’ were subdivided in 1951 creating a new lot and a house was later built at 31 Homebush Rd called ‘Dunnotter’ for William Christie, watchmaker. From 1963 to 1976, ‘Huntingtower’ was owned by the Sydney Legacy War Orphans Fund of 144 Castlereagh St.  In 1976, the house was purchased by Gabriel Coorey, a real estate agent and Alderman of Strathfield Council [1974-1983].  He was Vice-Chairman of Council’s Library Committee 1978-1980. The house was sold in 1987.


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