Local cemeteries and burial sites

Historical and family history research often involves obtaining information on burial sites.  Most former residents of the Strathfield district are buried or ceremated at Rookwood Cemetery, which is located within close proximity to Strathfield.  The other local sites are the burial grounds at St Thomas Anglican Church at Enfield and the small columbarium at St Anne’s Anglican Church at Strathfield.

Rookwood Cemetery

Rookwood Cemetery is located on the western boundary of Strathfield Municipality.  It is a likely final resting place for residents of the Strathfield district.  Many of the various sections and trusts governing Rookwood Cemetery have online search facilities.  For further information, refer to http://strathfieldhistory.org/placenames/rookwood-cemetery/rookwood-cemetery-searches/

St Thomas Anglican Church Enfield: Photo: Cathy Jones (2004)

St Thomas’s Anglican Church, Coronation Parade, Enfield

There is a small cemetery at St Thomas’ Anglican Church at Enfield.  The first burial occured in 1849 and there has been over 4000 burials or ashes placed in the Wall of Remembrance.  The book ‘St Thomas’ Enfield: A matter of grave importance’ contains an index, map of grave sites and some biographies.  I am unable to reproduce information from this publication as it is copyright material.  However, copies of this publication are available in many local libraries.  There is further information on St Thomas’ website: http://www.anglicansofenfield.org.au/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=13:cemetery-at-st-thomas&catid=2:history&Itemid=13

St Anne’s Anglican Church, Homebush Road, Strathfield

There is a columbarium at St Anne’s Anglican Church, Homebush Road Strathfield.  I am unaware of any indexes exist, however information may be available from St Anne’s directly.  Their website is http://www.annes.org.au/

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