Malborough Burlington Road. Photo Cathy Jones

‘Marlborough’ 94-96 Burlington Road Homebush

By Cathy Jones

The section of Burlington Road, where ‘Marlborough’ 94-96 Burlington Road is situated, between Meredith Street and Bridge Road, is on Sections 11 and 12 of the “Village of Homebush” Estate.  Residential development commenced c.1880 in this section of Burlington Road.  Typically, the earliest homes were set on multiple lots of land with extensive garden settings.

‘Marlborough’ is one of the oldest homes on the ‘Village of Homebush’ Estate which subdivided in 1878 from the larger Underwood Estate. The house is a two-story Victorian Italianate style house.

The house was built c.1884 for Henry Albert Uther [1843-1937], son of Reuben Uther [1791-1880], a wealthy merchant, manufacturer and landholder in colonial Sydney.  Henry Uther is variously described as of ‘independent means’ or ‘freeholder’ and is a signatory in the counter-petition against the incorporation of Strathfield in the NSW Gazette [Feb.1885].

Uther resided at ‘Malborough’ until his death in 1937. The Uther family were the owners of this house until at least the 1960’s.  ‘Marlborough’ was originally sited on a more substantial land holding, which has been reduced over time through subdivision.