Early descriptions of Strathfield

Aldine Centennial History of New South Wales by W. Frederick Morrison, 1888  

STRATHFIELD, which includes Homebush, Redmyre, and part of Druitt Town, was incorporated in the year 1885. It lies in the western part of Canterbury electorate, and is bounded on the east by the Redmyre Boulevards, on the south by the Liverpool Road to Cook’s river; thence in a northerly line to the Great Southern Railway; thence along the said railway line to Strathfield Station. Its area is 1,280 acres, or two square miles. The Council is composed of six aldermen, one of whom is chosen mayor.

This suburb is purely residential. The location is beautiful. The houses are of the better class of merchants and retired people. It is worthy of note, and what its citizens desire to have mentioned is, that there are no public-houses in the borough, although there are already within the municipality 1,129 electors.

They have a good Town Hall, erected at a cost, including its site, of £2,380. It is situated on high rolling land, and is therefore healthy and beautiful. Those having occupied the Mayor’s chair are the following :— Mr. George Hardie, 1885; Mr. William Von der Heyde, 1880 and 1887. Mr. Owen S. Wild is Council clerk. Altogether it is a desirable residential suburb, most suitable for those who love quiet retirement.

Advertisement of the Redmire Estate

A large amount of Strathfield is built on the Redmire Estate.  The Redmire Estate was advertised in the Sydney Morning Herald on 28/9/1867, p10


AS RECENTLY SUBDIVIDED INTO BLOCKS, of from 3 to 13 acres, distant a little more than QUARTER OF A MILE FROM THE BURWOOD STATION, extending across to the village of Enfield on the Liverpool Road, to both sides of which it has an extensive frontage, and terminating to the southward with a FRONTAGE OF UPWARDS OF THRE QUARTERS OF A MILE TO COOK’S RIVER.

Distant by the Main Road only 8 miles from Sydney.

THE VERY HIGH PRICE NOW ASKED for building lands in the neighbourhood of any of the Railway Stations at all within easy access of the city, and THE PRACTICE OF SELLING THEM BY THE FOOT, so much followed, have compelled all but the very wealthy, who desire after the labour and toil of the day to escape from the smoke and dust of the city,

TO CONTENT THEMSELVES WITH A MERE ALLOTMENT scarce large enough for a town house. This most undesirable result has already manifested itself at the more favourite localities along the line, and it must eventuate in the total destruction of those advantages which all persons look for in a country residence.

To do away with this growing evil, the proprietor of THE VERY BEAUTIFUL ESTATE OF REDMIRE has recently caused it to be most carefully surveyed, intersected by roads of access, and laid out in blocks, affording ample SPACE FOR COUNTRY RESIDENCES WITH GARDENS, shrubberies, orchards, &c. With a view to ascertain the adaptability of the land for the purposes of garden and orchard culture, the property was recently inspected by a gentleman eminently skilled in THE CULTIVATION OF THE VINE AND ORANGE, and the result of such examination was the discovery of  RICH VIRGIN SOIL OF l8 TO 24 INCHES DEEP in almost every spot that was opened up. As the general character of the country is gently undulating, it affords the

GREATEST NATURAL FACILITIES FOR DRAINAGE, an advantage which cannot be too highly estimated, and to the absence or neglect of which sanitary provision, may be attributed the early decay of some of our finest orangeries and orchards.

To a largo extent throughout the Estate THE TIMBER HAS BEEN PRESERVED, thus securing on the spot one of the most costly materials for effecting improvements ; providing also where required BELTS OF TREES FOR THE PROTECTION of young plantations, and contributing by the abundant of many of our most beautiful native shrubs to the rapid formation of ornamental grounds.

The very largo frontage to Cook’s River PROVIDES AN AMPLE SUPPLY OF WATER for the whole estate, and in order that all may share In this advantage alike ROADS OF ACCESS TO THE PERMANENT WATERS have been carefully marked off from all portions of the estate.

THE PROPERTY ABOUNDS IN BEAUTIFUL BUILDING SITES, so that intending purchasers may here secure ALL THE ADVANTAGES OF A COUNTRY HOME, with ample space for improvements, PROTECTED FROM THE INQUISITIVENESS , of a too close neighbourhood, and all within a FEW MINUTES DRIVE OF THE CITY BY RAIL.


TERMS -Two-thirds of the purchase money may remain secured upon the several purchases for a term of years’ by way of mortgage.

J.V. GORMAN and MILLER have been Instructed by W.W. BILLYARD, Esq., to sell by public auction, at their Land Sale Rooms, No. 183, Pitt-street, on TUESDAY, 22nd October, at 11 o’clock, THE VERY BEAUTIFUL ESTATE of REDMIRE,

As recently surveyed and subdivided into BLOCKS of FROM 3 to 13 ACRES EACH, with frontages of from 4 to 8 chains to the following roads and streets:

  • STATION ROAD. 66 feet wide
  • RAILWAY ROAD, ditto
  • HOMEBUSH ROAD, ditto
  • WATER and DEAN STREETS, ditto
  • REDMIRE ROAD, 100 feet wide.

The attention of the public is particularly solicited to this property, which IS IN THE MARKET FOR POSITIVE SALE.

LARGE FLAN on view at the Land Sale Rooms, 183, Pitt-street, where intending purchasers can also obtain LITHOGRAPHS.


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