House Histories & Streets

Histories of streets located in the Strathfield district.

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  1. Cathy
    Earlier this week whilst searching Tove, the National Library of Australia search engine, I came across this reference to the building of a house in Meredith Street, Homebush. It was in the Sydney Morning Herald, Tuesday 16 September, 1936.

    The copy reads:
    “John Reid and Son, tenders, closing tomorrow for the erection of a residence in Meredith Street, Homebush.”

    John Reid and Son were an important NSW architectural firm who designed the second stage of the Education Department building in Bridge Street, Sydney.

    I suspect this Homebush house will be one of the Interwar bungalows built on the southern end of Meredith Street, between Coventry and Broughton. As you said yesterday it is often difficult to confirm architects in Strathfield Council as they are often not recorded in DAs. This might help us prove who designed one of the houses between 37 and 45 Meredith Street (now known as Strathfield). If we discover an important architectural firm designed one of the houses surely council will then add it to the LEP and protect the house. We can only live in hope!


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