Albert Allen

Alderman [1885-1913] & Mayor [1889, 1891, 1893-94]

Albert Allen
Albert Allen

Albert Allen (1836-1919) was one of the longest serving Alderman on Strathfield Council and Mayor on a number of occasions. Sydney Sands Directory of 1886 describes Allen as ‘storekeeper, Druitt Town Post Office’. Allen was also the postmaster of Druitt-Town, later known as Strathfield South.

Allen’s store and post office was located on the corner of Homebush and Liverpool Roads.

In a letter dated 12 January 1914 from the Town Clerk Albert Thew stated:

 Dear Alderman Allen,

At a meeting of my council held on Tuesday Evening, 20th. January 1914., the following resolution was moved by His Worship the Mayor (Alderman B R Gelling), seconded by Alderman J. R. Firth and carried unanimously, viz., “That a  letter of thanks, with the seal of the council attached, before worded to Mr Alderman Allen, expressing this council’s highest appreciation of the services rendered by him during the time he has occupied a seat at this council table, representing Flemington and Strathfield wards, and also expressing regret the circumstances should have arisen whereby he has found it necessary to retire from Municipal life. 

You  have been associated with the Strathfield Council, I understand, for nearly 29 years, a very long Municipal life, and during that time have given your services (which have been very much appreciated), and carried out the duties pertaining to the office of Alderman in a kindly, conscientious and straightforward manner.

You have had the pleasure of seeing your evidence, combined with those of your fellow workers, bring forth – – good fruit, and indeed, you should have been very pleasing for you to see this municipality, over which you have also so worthily presided as Mayor for several terms under the Municipalities Act, grow from its primitive state to its present improved position, this privilege, perhaps, has to some extent tended to compensate for those gratuitous services rendered during the long term before mentioned.

In conclusion, I would add,  that you retire from the Council carrying with you the very best wishes of all its members and I trust you may be spared to yet enjoy with Mrs Allen and your family many years in this quiet retirement. 

Allen died in 1919 and is buried at St Thomas’ Anglican Church and Cemetery at Enfield.


Strathfield Council meeting minutes and letters book

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