‘Kevin’ 66 Redmyre Road Strathfield

By Cathy Jones

‘Kelvin’ was built c.1894 by Dr Samuel Aubrey Clinton.

By 1897, the house was owned by James Thomson.  Thomson was owner of a City based men’s tailor and outfitting business called ‘Thomson, Son & Co (late Thomson, Gates & Co), Tailor’s, Men’s Mercers and Outfitters, 185 Pitt Street Sydney’.  Thomson resided in this house from c.1897 to c.1906 and then leased the house until c.1912, when ownership transferred to Mabel Shaw.

By 1917, the house was owned by Mrs Mary Lawson and occupied by various members of her family.  The house was transferred in 1932 from the estate of Miss A A Lawson to Mrs Eliza May Reddall under the terms of her will.  In July 1956, the house was sold by the estate of Eliza Reddall to James McCarthy, retired newsagent for £3000.  In January 1967, the house was sold by Leslie McCarthy.


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