1. I have an interest in “Gwyndoline” 13 Albyn Street Strathfield. Occupied until her death in 1901 Esther Jones Threlkeld (nee Lloyd) and then her niece, Sarah Lloyd Gravely, until her death in 1925. Any information regarding this property would be appreciated.


    1. Jan

      ‘Gwendoline’ 13 Albyn Road was built c.1882 for Captain William Cargill. Cargill occupied the home until 1889 naming the house ‘Lanilohia’.

      From 1890 to 1893, the house was occupied by Mrs L M Hassall, who renamed the house ‘Bundulla’. John Bennett was the occupant from 1895. Mrs Esther Jones Threlkeld lived in the house from c.1897 to 1901 (her death), renaming it ‘Gwyndoline’. She was followed by E W Hine in 1901. The house was tenanted in 1901 to E Hine. Sarah Lloyd Gravely was the owner and occupier from 1902 to 1925 (her death). From 1926, Maramaduke E Masterman, a mill owner, was the owner until at 1936. Masterman called the house ‘Valetta’.




  2. Dear Cathy,

    My family, the Beale’s, lived at “Hawthorn”, Strathfield Avenue, Strathfield circa 1910-1920.

    They were Francis Edgar Beale (known as “Edgar”; and being the son of Octavius Charles Beale of piano manufacturing, who lived at “Llanarth” Burwood) who was married to Clara Madolin Osborne (known a “Jean”). Their children were William, Valerie, Barbara, James and Dorothea (my late grand-mother).

    If you could please find the time to let me know anything about this house named “Hawthorn”, I would be eternally grateful (all my searching so far has come up with nothing).

    Kind regards,


  3. dear cathy,

    i am doing a year 10 geography assignment for school based on changes in demography, urban use and development structures (residential areas, commercial areas). i was wondering whether you could point me to an area in strathfield where a large amount of change has occured in the past 10-20 years. your help would be greatly appreciated.

    kind regards

    Robert (Bob) Shu


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