Arthur Lowndes

lowndes-a-alderman-strathfield-council-1947Arthur George LOWNDES CBE, M.Sc (1911-1994)

Strathfield Council Alderman (1948-1956), Deputy Mayor (1951-53, 1955-56)

Lowndes received his education at Sydney University and Cambridge University and worked as an economist.

Lowndes was Chairman of the Australian Institute of Political Science (1952-1966), Member of the Sydney University Senate (1969-1976).

Lowndes was a Major in the 2nd AIF (1940-1945) during World War II, Australian Liaison officer of the United Nations Relief and Rehabiliation Administration (UNRRA) China (1945-1946) and consultant on land use in Northern Territory and other regions.  He was a director of J C Ludowici & Son Ltd since 1956 and Consultant Manager of CSR Ltd Macadamia Orchards (1963-1976).

Lowndes was appointed as a commissioner of the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) in 1956.  He served until 1974 and was Vice-Chairman (1971-1974).

In 1956, Council renamed Hudson Park Oval in Arthur Street Strathfield as the Arthur G Lowndes Oval in recognition of his services to Strathfield Council.

Lowndes resided at ‘The Braes’ 71 Redmyre Road Strathfield from the 1940s to 1960s.

He was appointed CBE in 1966 for services to the Australian Broadcasting Commission.


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  1. Did the oval get change back to Hudson Park oval? I can’t see reference to it being named after Arthur.


    1. The Oval is known as Hudson Park, in fact the whole land area is named Hudson Park including golf course. The Oval was once named after Lowndes. Sometimes names are forgotten and these cease being used.


      1. I was Arthur’s youngest son and remember this issue well even though I was only about 10 years old. My parents were delighted when the decison was made to name the oval in dad’s honour. However I am certain the name never appeared on the oval which was still to be built when the decision was made. I used to ride my bike around the area and waited for the sign to appear. In the end it was only the HudsonPark name which appeared and I can remember my mother being most unhappy about this!


    1. I write briefly about your father and his impressive career in my upcoming history book called Dust Bowl: Depression American to World War Two Australia, with Palgrave MacMillan (forthcoming in 2016)
      Janette-Susan Bailey (Sydney)


  2. My Friends,

    I was amazed to note written in the flap of Dad’s “World Pattern” Part One – in his handwriting – “To Mark & Matthew – I was 24 when I wrote this. It was the required text book for children in the first year of high school from 1936 until 1950. Grandfather 31 August 1985.”

    wow 14 years same text book – I remember it from school. To J. S. Bailey in particular and to all in terested – Assumption is i can not upload a page or two too this page site even as an attachment? Being so I really invite you to send me your email and I will email you the Man Magazine – Man of the Month page which details his diveresity of experiences in China after the middle east, also an obit from I think it was G. Blaxland? I spent time with Dad in New Guinea prepping the irrigation for the incoming Africans escaping the Mau Mau and Israel teaching them about drip irrigation, he walked the Blue Mountains with me on his back in a Pack seat.


  3. Entered a long response – it did not stick, to be brief – J. S .Bailey in particular and any one else – send me you email and I”ll email you back assuming you do not have it – the Man Magazine Page that tells of his activities in China and more plus an Obit and some photos?


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