Charles Carey Lance

Charles Carey Lance as featured in 1909 article on Sydney Harbour Commissioners

Charles Carey Lance [1859-1934] was born in England and trained as an mechinal engineer.  In 1879, he went to Cape Colony, South Africa and remained there for twelve years working in engineering and setting up a food business in Burghersdorp.  In 1889, he came to Australia, he commenced flour milling at Eurona (Victoria) and afterwards pioneered dairy manufacture in Victoria.

Lance came to Sydney in 1894 as the general manager of NSW Creamery Butter Co and subsequently general manager of the Fresh Food & Ice Co. In 1902, he was appointed commission agent for NSW in London, where he served until 1906.  Upon his return in 1907, he was appointed one of the three Sydney Harbour Trust Commissioners and then President from 1913 to 1924. Lance lived in Strathfield until his death in 1934.

In 1890, Lance married Louisa Christie Fuller (d.1933), a singer and artist.  Fuller’s sister Alice was married to Frederick Parsons, auctioneer and land agent. Parsons also served as Mayor of Strathfield.Her other sister, Florence Ada Fuller was a renowned artist, who among her works, painted a portrait of Louisa’s daughter Sylvia Lance.

Lance’s daughter Sylvia (1896-1953) was the Australian Women’s Open Champion, winning many national titles in the 1920s and 1930s.  She was later known as Sylvia Lance Harper, after her marriage.

Lance lived in a number of Strathfield homes including ‘Hillcrest’ 26-28 Woodward Avenue [c.1897-1905], Steephurst 22-24 Albyn Rd Strathfield [1917-1922] and then ‘High Lodge’ The Boulevarde Strathfield [now demolished].  Lance lived at ‘High Lodge’ until his death in 1934.


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