‘Kiameron’ 151 Homebush Road Strathfield


By Cathy Jones

‘Kirameron’ 151 Homebush Road Strathfield is built on the 1914 Strathfield Park Estate.  The Strathfield Park Estate is a subdivision of the larger 1867 Redmire Estate.  This subdivision created Gelling Avenue (formerly Beaumont Street) and residential land lots on Homebush Road and Gelling Avenue.

In May 1923, Strathfield Council approved the construction of a brick bungalow of more than six rooms for the applicant and owner Mrs Elizabeth Taylor, wife of the builder Joseph Taylor.  The house was named ‘Myalla’, while owned by the Taylor family and built at an estimated cost of £1500, which was a significant cost at the time.

By 1924, ownership transferred to Reginald Nossiter, a factory manager, who renamed the house ‘Kiameron’.  Nossiter was the owner of this house until at least the 1940s.


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