George Bressington

George Bressington
Photo of George Bressington JP, Overseer of Works and Health inspector 1907-1937. Portrait presented by The Ratepayers and Residents of Homebush in appreciation of his 30 years service to the Municipality. Ald. J W Smallwood, Mayor, Chairman; Ald. A Conlin, Hon. Secretary; Ald. G. R. Knight, Hon. Treasurer.

By Cathy Jones

George Bressington was employed as the first overseer of  Homebush Municipal Council from 1906-1937.

Bressington was elected as an Alderman in 1937 and served until 1947. He was elected as Mayor of Homebush from 1941-1947.

Bressington Park, Underwood Road, Homebush was named after George Bressington in 1956.

Following the death of Mr Bressington in 1955, the Mayor of Strathfield Council, Alderman William Dunlop, made feeling reference (Council meeting 9 August 1955) to the long life of public service rendered by the ‘late Mr. Bressington and the marked success that had attended his administration of the former Homebush Municipality. The Mayor stated that Mr Bressington, who was aged 91 years, at his death enjoyed the friendship and respect of every member of the Council.

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