Royston 14 Carrington Ave Strathfield. Photo Cathy Jones 2020

‘Royston’ 14 Carrington Ave Strathfield

By Cathy Jones

Henry Lipscombe (c.1828-1891) purchased lots 9 and 10 from the Wynne’s Paddock estate and by 1887, a house was constructed on Lot 9.  Lipscombe owned the Enfield Brickworks and was elected  Mayor of Burwood in 1888.  The house was tenanted to William Findlay in 1888 and from 1889-1891 by James Ritchie who called the house ‘Royston’.

Following Lipscombe’s death in 1891, the house transferred to his daughter Elizabeth (1855-1916), who was married to Abner Hammond, a butcher. While owned by Mrs Hammond, the house was tenanted.  Charles Henty, a prominent merchant, occupied the house from 1893-96. Henty later moved to ‘Boronadarra’ in Redmyre Road Strathfield.  George E Layton, the occupant from 1902-04, was Secretary of the NSW Art Gallery.  From c.1907 to 1915, ‘Royston’ was occupied by Frederick Rose JP.  Rose was a descendent of Thomas Rose, one of the original land grantees in the Strathfield area.

Following Mrs Hammond’s death in 1916, the property passed to Grace Hugo (1882-1950) (formerly Hammond), her daughter. Mrs Hugo initially tenanted the house but by 1921, Grace and her husband Ernest resided at ‘Royston’.  They lived at ‘Royston’ until their deaths.

The subsequent owner was Betty Parkes and her husband George, a bank clerk.  Both Betty and George Parkes are noted on the 1968 Electoral Rolls at this address.


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