Newton Road Strathfield

In 1823 St James Church was granted a 180 hectare ‘glebe’.  The land was eventually transferred back to the Crown in 1827 and reallocated in 1841, when Joseph Newton purchased the southern 283 acres of the abolished glebe.  Newton’s estate was acquired by Judge Josephson in 1858.  The estate was subdivided c.1916 and sold for residential development.

Past residents

William Edwards was the Secretary of the firm Waugh & Josephson and lived at 5 Newton Road Strathfield. He served as an Alderman on Alderman on Strathfield Council.  Edwards Park Strathfield is named for him.

Royston Stuckey Cozens, a prominent tobacco merchant, lived with his Louie Cozens (formerly Bickerton), a notable Australian tennis player at 23 Newton Road Strathfield.

Prominent properties

23 Newton Road Strathfield

“Sutherwold” 25 Newton Road Strathfield