Kingsland Road Strathfield

By Cathy Jones

Kingsland Road first appears in the 1902 Sands Directory for Strathfield “between Albyn Road and Fairholm Street”.  The first house entry is in the 1909 Sands Directory for Rev. C T Newman ‘Tip Tree’ and Alfred G Newman (A.I.A.), architect. In the 1916 Sands Directory, the street was described as “between Albyn Rd and Hunter Street” and new houses were added to the street including George Wilson’s ‘Cawdor’ and Walter Arnott ‘Balnagowan’.   

The origin of the street name is unknown but likely to be influenced by Kingsland Road in England, the source of many place names in the Strathfield district.  Kingsland Road is thought to follow the line of Ermine Street, the Roman road, which connected London with Lincoln and York.

Past residents

Rev. Charles Thomas Newman and wife Elizabeth (nee Vickery), built and lived at ‘Tiptree’ (demolished and Tiptree Ave was built in its place)

Alfred Newman, architect, lived at ‘Ingleburn’ 13-15 Kingsland Road.

Frederick Augustus Peters, prominent Ice-cream manufacturer ‘Peters Ice Cream’ lived at ‘Washtenaw’ (or ‘Cheriton’).

William John Coote, jeweller, lived at ‘Tusmore’ 12-14 Kingsland Road.

Harold Cottee, food and drink manufacturer, lived at ‘Hornsey’ 17-19 Kingsland Road

Walter [Wally] Arnott, city solicitor and member of the Arnott’s biscuit family resided at ‘Balnagowan’ cnr Kingsland and Wakeford Road (15-17 Wakeford Road).

Historic properties

‘Cawdor’ 11 Kingsland Road Strathfield

‘Tusmore’ 12-14 Kingsland Road Strathfield

‘Ingleburn’ 13-15 Kingsland Road Strathfield

‘Hornsey’ 17-19 Kingsland Road Strathfield