Service Stations in Strathfield

With the increasing popularly of the motor vehicle in the early 20th Century, service stations were built to provide petrol and general serving of vehicles.

In 1961, a total of 29 service stations operated in the Strathfield Local Government Area. In 2011, less than 10 service stations are operating.  Most are now self-service and include other functions such as food, supermarket, banking (ATM machines) and carwashing on site.

Many former sites of petrol stations have been redeveloped into commercial or unit buildings.

The following examples no longer exist and the sites have been altered or redeveloped.

Service Station Water Street Belfield
Service Station Water Street Belfield

Redmyre Road Service Station, corner of Orr’s Lane and Redmyre Road Strathfield.

This service station was demolished late 1970s. Strathfield Plaza now stands on this site.

Burlington Road Service Station, Homebush.

This service station was once a common style.  The service station generally offered driveway petrol service.  The service station also included a workshop and on-site mechanic.

This style is now very rare in Sydney as service stations are increasingly located on main roads.

Shell Service Station, Churchill Avenue Strathfield

This service station offered a petrol bowser on the footpath of Churchill Avenue Strathfield.  This shop is now occupied by Gloria Jeans Coffee.

Cars drove up to the kerb to fill up their petrol tanks.

Photograph:  Strathfield Council 1958


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