Local Government

Local government is important in the development of a local area.  Local government is responsible for services, local infrastructures, planning and development (including heritage), management and allocation of local open space such as parks and sportsgrounds.

Local government was established in Strathfield in 1885 with the incorporation of Strathfield Council.

Other areas of Strathfield were originally governed by smaller councils, that amalgamated with Strathfield Council in the 1940s.  This site provides information on the histories of all Councils which have governed in this area including Strathfield Council and the former Homebush and Enfield Councils.

Strathfield Council

Strathfield Council amalgamation history

Strathfield Council – Mayors  and Deputy Mayors from 1885 to current

Strathfield Council – Alderman/Councillors from 1885 to current

Strathfield Council – Council Chambers and Town Hall

Enfield Council

Enfield Council – Mayors from 1888 to 1948

Enfield Council – former Town Hall and Council Chambers

Homebush Council

Homebush Council – Mayors from 1906 to 1947