Part of the suburb of Greenacre is located within the Strathfield Local Government Area with the greater part located in Bankstown Council.  The Strathfield section is predominately industrial with a small residential area in streets running north from Juno Parade.

Juno Parade is one of the boundaries between Strathfield and Bankstown Councils.  This area was once located in the west ward of Enfield Council, which was formerly transferred to Strathfield Council on 1 January 1949.

Most of the streets in the area of Greenacre (located in Strathfield LGA) were subdivided c.1880s and marketed as the “Elysium Estate”.  However, this area was slow to develop and was largely open space until the 1940-50s when most land was acquired by the Department of Housing.

The subdivider of the “Elysium Estate” was responsible for naming many of the streets.  Surprisingly, the origin of most names are associated with Greek and Roman Mythology.

In Greek mythology, Elysium was a section of the Underworld. The Elysian Fields, or the Elysian Plains, were the final resting place of the souls of the heroic and the virtuous.  The Champs-Élysées, the most famous street in Paris, is French for “Elysian Fields.”

Juno Parade – Juno was an ancient Roman goddess, the protector and special counselor of the state. She is a daughter of Saturn and sister (but also the wife) of the chief god Jupiter and the mother of Juventas, Mars, and Vulcan. Her Greek equivalent is Hera.

Wentworth Street (formerly Jupiter Parade) – Jupiter Parade was the original name of Wentworth Street, Greenacre.  Jupiter was the king of In Roman mythology, Jupiter or Jove was the king of the gods, and the god of sky and thunder. He is the equivalent of Zeus in the Greek pantheon. I’m not sure why this street name was changed, but Wentworth is common name in this area due to associations with the prominent Wentworth family (eg D’Arcy Wentworth, William Wentworth – explorer and politician etc who resided at Homebush).

Sylvanus Street – Silvanus was a Roman tutelary spirit or deity of woods and fields. As protector of forests (sylvestris deus), he especially presided over plantations and delighted in trees growing wild. He is also described as a god watching over the fields and husbandmen, protecting in particular the boundaries of fields.

Pomona Street – In Roman mythology, Pomona was the goddess of fruit trees, gardens, and orchards. Her name comes from the Latin word, pomum, which translates to “fruit.”

Hebe Street – In Greek mythology, Hebe is the goddess of youth. She is the daughter of Zeus and Hera.

The other street names have more conservative origins.  Drew Street and Matthews Street were named after former Town Clerks of Enfield Council (Harold Drew) and Strathfield Council (James Matthews) respectively.

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  1. At one time ( I remember from my youth growing up in David Street Chullora, off Waterloo Rd near Drive In theatre ) Greenacre was also named East Bankstown before becoming Greenacre. The Anglo Saxon “Gods” at the time were Ron Lockwood ( Mayor of Bankstown ) and Ray Fitzpatrick owner of Jay Jays sports store corner of North Terrace and Chapel road, and also owner of the Torch newspaper. He also owned the biggest house in Bankstown at the time located on Chapel road South near the sports ground.


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