Laurel O’Toole

Alderman/Councillor (1991-2000) and Mayor (1999-2000)

Laurel O’Toole grew up in Auburn and Homebush and completed her schooling at Strathfield Girls High.  She trained as a nurse at Auburn hospital and later Midwifery at Crown Street Hospital. After marriage, she and her husband returned to Strathfield to live. 

Laurel was first elected to Strathfield Council as an Alderman in the 1991 Council election and was  re-elected at the 1995 election, thereby serving two consecutive terms until 2000.  She was elected Mayor in 1999 and 2000 and served as Deputy Mayor in 1998.  She recorded a oral history interview in 2003, which is held at Strathfield Library.  She discusses her service on many committees with development of bid for Sydney Olympics and importance of community involvement in local government.