Druitt Town

By Cathy Jones

Druitt Town was a suburb located south of Liverpool Rd and to the north side of Cooks River.  It is now located within the suburb of Strathfield South.

The suburb was named for Major George Druitt, a friend of Joshua Judge Josephson, a large land owner in the local district.  However, most of the ‘suburb’ of Druitt Town is actually located on land not owned by Josephson.  Most is located on the ‘Village of St Ann’s’ (Father John Joseph Therry’s grant of 1847) and parts of the Redmire Estate (originally granted to James Wilshire in 1808).

In 1891, the Druitt Town Post Office was closed and relocated to Punchbowl Road – now Coronation Parade – Enfield and the Druitt Town Public School was renamed Strathfield South Public School.  Around this time, use of the suburb name Druitt Town seems to have ceased.  From 1949, the locality was incorporated into Strathfield Council and it is currently known as Strathfield South.

For the short time that Druitt Town existed, the Sands Directory recorded entries under the suburb name from 1887-1891.

Druitt Town Sands Directory

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  1. Hello Cathy, was doing Ancestry research and a relative died at Concord another entry said Druitt town. I lived in Sydney for 40 years and I’d never heard of it. Thanks to your article I have learnt a lot 😊👍
    Great article. Wayne


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