David Jones family in Strathfield

 These are short biographies of members of the David Jones (retail) family that have lived in Strathfield.  This includes members of Arnott, Ford, Wilshire, Quodling and Thompson families who were related by marriage. 

ARNOTT, Margaret [Madge] Fleming (1872-1953)


  • Daughter of William Arnott, biscuit manufacturer.
  • Married Dr George Burnett Jones, grandson of David Jones.

Strathfield Residence

‘Dagworth’ 39 Homebush Road Strathfield (heritage listed property)


FORD, Frederick Percy (1853-1923)


  • son of Clarissa Jones and Frederick Ford, grandson of David Jones
  • married Annie Ross, daughter of Annie Ross, daughter of Robert Ross and Eliza Jones

Strathfield Residence

‘Goomerabong’ Florence Street Strathfield (since demolished)


JONES, Sir Charles Lloyd (1878-1958)


  • Son of Edward Lloyd Jones and Helen Jones
  • Married Winifred Ethelwyn Quaife (1876- d.29 August 1916 at Mosman and buried at St John’s Church Gordon NSW – no children)
  • Married Louise Multrus, divorced 1929.
  • Married Hannah Jones, her death 1982.
  • Chairman of David Jones.
  • Chairman of ABC 1932-34
  • Knighted in 1951


  • ‘Wavertree’ 103 The Boulevarde Strathfield (still standing but substantially altered)
  • ‘Bickley’ Albyn Rd Strathfield (demolished).
  • ‘Mundarra’ Homebush Road Strathfield (demolished)


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JONES, David Mander (1834-1864)


  • Son of David Jones
  • Married Annie Emily Jones, daughter of John Jones, editor of Cambrian Magazine London.
  • Son:  Llewellyn Mander Jones (married Katherine Ford, daughter of Frederick Ford and Clarissa Jones), who died on QLD estate.  His son David Mander Jones (1899-1992) born at ‘Compton’ Albyn Road Strathfield (now demolished).

Strathfield Residence

David Mander Jones died on Boonera estate in QLD.  After his death, his widow and daughter moved to Strathfield.  House ‘Nangur’ 27 Homebush Road Strathfield (heritage listed).

JONES, Edward Lloyd (1844-1894)


  • Chairman of David Jones until his death in 1894.
  • Son of David Jones.
  • Brother Phillip Sydney Jones.
  • Married Helen Jones (see separate entry)
  • Died in 1894 Redfern Train disaster.

Strathfield Residences

‘Cliveden’ 101 The Boulevarde (built 1894.  Records note the land was purchased by Edward Lloyd Jones and a house was built, then called ‘Cliveden’ 101 The Boulevarde.  However, with the death of Jones in an accident in 1894, the house was occupied by his daughter and her husband Arthur Ross Nott.  (this house is heritage listed)


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Burwood Council Jubilee 1924 (photograph)

JONES, George Burnett Mander (1860-1924)


  • grandson of David Jones
  • married Margaret Fleming Arnott (1872-1953)
  • Profession: Doctor


  • Lived at ‘Dagworth’ Homebush Road Strathfield.  Son Evan Mander Jones born in this house.
  • Previous residence in ‘Vena’ Burlington Road Strathfield. (this house has been demolished)

JONES, George Sydney (1868-1927)


  • Son of Phillip Sydney Jones
  • Married Isabella Jones, daughter of Richard Jones and Martha Olley
  • Profession: Architect

Architectural designs in Strathfield

  • ‘Darenth’ 32 Albyn Road Strathfield (heritage listed)
  • ‘Springfort’ 108 Redmyre Road Strathfield (heritage conservation area)
  • ‘Bickley’ Albyn Road Strathfield (demolished 1950s)
  • ‘Treagre’ Albyn Road Strathfield (b.1899 and demolished 1980s) (featured in Building Magazine September 12 1917)
  • ‘Luleo’ 105 The Boulevarde Strathfield (still standing)
  • Trinity Congregational Church, cnr Morwick St and The Boulevarde, Strathfield (honorary co-architect with Harold Thompson, son of TJ Thompson and Jane Jones) (This is a State Heritage Register item)


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JONES, Helen Ann (-d.1934)

  • Daughter of Richard Jones, founder of Maitland Mercury, Chairman of the Commercial Bank and Colonial Treasurer in NSW Cowper Ministry, and Martha Olley.
  • Married: Edward Lloyd Jones, Chairman of David Jones.
  • Son: Charles Lloyd Jones (separate entry)
  • Daughter:  Alice Mary Lloyd Jones (married Arthur Ross Nott)
  • Son:  Edward Lloyd Jones (married 1st cousin, Jane Mander Jones, daughter of Phillip Sydney Jones, after her death, married her sister Sarah Sydney Jones).
  • Son:  Eric David Lloyd Jones, born at ‘Bickley’ Albyn Road.  Married Kathleen Booth Jones (daughter of Strathfield solicitor John Booth Jones, who has a separate Who’s Who entry)


  • ‘Bickley’ Albyn Road Strathfield. (demolished 1950s)
  • ‘Wavertree’ 101 The Boulevarde Strathfield


Obituary SMH January 29 1934 [includes photograph].

JONES, Sir Philip Sydney (1836-1918)


  • Son of David Jones.
  • Married Hannah Howard Charter
  • Sister:  Clarissa Jones, married Frederick Ford in 1851 (parents of Frederick Percy Ford)
  • Sons:  George Sydney Jones (separate entry)
  • Daughter:  Jane Mander (Jean) Jones married son of Edward Lloyd Jones and Helen Jones.  Children born at ‘Halsbury’ 12-14 Albyn Road Strathfield.
  • Daughter: Emily Sydney Jones married Dr Mark Lidwill.
  • Occupation: Physician.
  • Knighted in 1905 of his services to medicine.

Strathfield Residences

  • ‘Llandilo’ The Boulevarde Strathfield [c.1878-1918] (heritage listed, now Trinity Grammar Preparatory School)
  • 7 Albyn Road is built on the former site of the house and school ‘Compton Cottage’, which was owned by Phillip Sydney Jones and was leased to his sister, Mrs Ford, who lived and operated a school at this site.


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“Llandilo Estate” subdivision poster – State Library of NSW

NOTT, Alice Mary Lloyd Jones (1871-1946)


  • Daughter of Edward and Helen Lloyd Jones, Chairman of David Jones.
  • Sister of Charles Lloyd Jones.
  • Married Arthur Ross Nott, son of Randolph Nott and Jane Callender Ross.  Known as May Ross Nott.

Strathfield Residences

  • ‘Cliveden’ 101 The Boulevarde (built 1894.  Records note the land was purchased by Edward Lloyd Jones, Chairman of David Jones & Co and a house was built, then called ‘Cliveden’.  However, with the death of Jones in an accident in 1894, the house was occupied by his daughter and her husband Arthur Ross Nott.  It was later the home of Jean Brial, a wool importer, who renamed the house ‘Illiberis’).
  • Lived at ‘Bickley’ Albyn Rd Strathfield (until her death)


Obituary SMH 2 Sept 1946 page 4    .

NOTT, Arthur Ross 


  • Son of Randolph Nott (architect, financier)
  • Married Alice Jones (daughter of Edward and Helen Lloyd Jones)

Strathfield Residence

‘Bickley’ Albyn Rd Strathfield.

QUODLING, William (1834-1894)


  • married Clara Wilshire (daughter of Elizabeth Thompson [sister of Thomas Thompson] and James Wilshire, son of James Wilshire and Esther Pitt).
  • died in Redfern Rail Accident in 1894.
  • Profession: Engineer, NSW Railways

Strathfield Residence

‘Couranga’ The Boulevarde Strathfield (next to Llandilo)(demolished)

THOMPSON  George Arthur           1854-1925


  • Son of Thomas James Thompson and Jane Thompson (nee Jones, daughter of David Jones).  Grandson of David Jones.
  • Stockbroker. Later Principal of the Albury firm Mates Ltd, merchants.
  • Aldermen on first Strathfield Council 1885.
  • Married: Sophie Mate.  Moved to Albury and was later Mayor of Albury.

Strathfield Residence

‘Steephurst’ 22-24 Albyn Rd Strathfield.


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THOMPSON  Herbert Samuel         1855-1907

  • Son of Samuel Thompson
  • Architect – designed Congregational Church (now Korean Uniting Church, Albert Road Strathfield).


  • Men of Mark Vol. II, 1889 Appendix.  Includes short biography.
  • Articled to architect F H Reuss Senior.

Strathfield Residence

As youth, lived at 72-76 Abbotsford Rd Homebush.

THOMPSON  Samuel (1821-1910)


  • Son of Joseph Thompson, brother of TJ Thompson.  Stockbroker.  Member of Woollahra Council 1860.
  • Married Martha Foss (1833-1900), daughter of Ambrose Foss, druggist.
  • son:  Herbert Samuel Thompson (1855-1907)


Sydney Stockbrokers, p371

Hay.M., The Thompson Story, 1962 [unpublished manuscript NLA]

Australian Genelogical Biographical Register p435 (includes photo)

Strathfield Residence

‘Rothsay’ Abbotsford Road Homebush.

THOMPSON  Thomas James [TJ]  1830-1917


  • Married Jane, daughter of David Jones.  Brother-in-law Phillip Sydney Jones.
  • son:  George Arthur Thompson (separate entry)
  • son:  Harold Clarke Thompson
  • sister:  Sarah Thompson, married James Wilshire MLC, 2nd Mayor of Sydney and son of James Wilshire, original land grantee of Redmire Estate in 1808 (upon most of Strathfield is built).  Obit. p13, SMH 1912 August 10
  • Pastoralist and stockbroker of firm ‘T J Thompson & Sons’.  Founding firm of Sydney Stock Exchange (later merged with Ord Minnett and now trading under name of JP Morgan)

Strathfield Residence

Lived at ‘Malvern’ The Boulevarde Strathfield, adjacent to Phillip Sydney Jones’ ‘Llandilo’ residence. (now demolished).


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Cartoon of T J Thompson in The Bulletin 18 February 1915 (as “promising young bowler”)

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