‘Wyreema’ 41 Abbotsford Rd Homebush

By Cathy Jones

‘Wyreema’ is located on Lot 34, of Section 9 of the Village of Homebush estate.

‘Wyreema’ was built in 1913 by its owner J Quinnen of Abbotsford Road Strathfield. The approval involved building of a brick cottage of more than five rooms on Lot 34. The estimated value of the works was £633. The house’s ownership then transferred to Edward Wordsworth, who called the house ‘Wyreema’.

By 1920, ownership transferred to Mr Hideo Kuwahata, a well-known Sydney based Japanese shipping providore and indent merchant. Mr Kunwahata died in 1930 and his obituary reads:

Mr. Hideo Kuwahata, a well-known Japanese shipping providore and indent merchant in Sydney, died at Nagasaki on Monday at the age of 66 years. He had been ill-health and and left Sydney for Japan last month on a health trip. For more than 40 years Mr Kuwahata conducted his business in Sydney, and some years ago he took his sons into partnership He established a nursery at Guildford, The Mikado Farm about two years ago, and specialised in Japanese plants. He also opened a small shop for the sale of plants in George-street, City. The model garden in the State Theatre was designed by him He was a member of the Horticultural Society of New South Wales and a member of the Japanese Club. Mrs Kuwahata and two sons survive. The funeral took place at Nagasaki.

In 1940, ownership of the house was transferred from Thomas Kuwahata to Muriel Parks, lot 34 on 15 January 1940 for £1125.


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