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Mackenzie Street Strathfield

By Cathy Jones

Mackenzie Street was originally part of Coventry Road.  The street was renamed Mackenzie Street in June 1918.  The street was named for Thomas Mackenzie [1854-1934], farmer, accountant and politician.

Mackenzie served on Strathfield Council as an Alderman [1892-1911], Mayor of Strathfield [1898-1901, 1908-10] and Executive member of Municipal Association of NSW [1899-1911].  In 1901, he was elected to NSW Parliament as Member of the NSW Legislative Assembly for Canterbury [1901-07] representing the Free Trade Party, later Liberal Party.  He also served as treasurer of Western Suburbs Cottage Hospital [1904] and Australian Protestant Defence Association.

Mackenzie was auditor for AMP Society for many years and lived at ‘Albermarle’ 9 Shortland Rd, Strathfield.

Historic Properties

‘Ellesmere’ 59 Mackenzie Street Strathfield