Stockman Manor, 91-93 Abbotsford Rd Homebush

“Stockman Manor” 91-93 Abbotsford Rd

‘Stockman Manor’ is a prominent two storey house located at 91-93 Abbotsford Road Homebush.  The house originally called ‘Weallah’ was built in 1896 for John Bateup (1844-1901) and his wife Agnes Bateup (nee Slatyer).  The house was designed by the architectural firm of Slatyer and Cosh.

Bateup married Agnes Slayter in 1873.  Agnes Slatyer (1845-1926) was the daughter of Rev. William Slatyer and his first wife Agnes.  William Slatyer was an influential minister of the Congregational Church.  The architect Charles Slatyer, of Slatyer & Cosh architects, was the half-brother of Agnes Slatyer.  Other members of this family settled in the Strathfield-Homebush area in the late 1900s.

Bateup’s death notice in the Sydney Morning Herald in 1901 notes he was of the firm Edward Dunlop Paper Merchants.  There are letters in the archive at Strathfield Council from from Bateup on letterhead from Messrs Edwards Dunlop, Florence Street Botany.

Agnes Bateup died in 1926 at Homebush. The estate passed to her nieces (daughters of her sister Eusebia Slayter and James Vernon) – Eusebia Vernon, Mary Louisa Slayter Vernon, Margaret Vernon and Elsie Vernon

An advertisement for auction of ‘Weeallah’ appears in the Sydney Morning Herald in June 1926.

Estate of late Mrs Agnes Bateup, Homebush, to homeseekers, builders, speculators etc (1) Residence called “Weallah” fronting Abbotsford Road, close to Bridge-street, built of brick, with slate roof, having verandahs and balconies, and containing hall, 6 large rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, laundry….Land 200 feet

Also auctioned was the “Fine Block of Building Land’ corner Bridge Road and 100 feet along Abbotsford Road suitable for erection of Cottages.

The house was sold in February 1927 to Elsie Irene Hudson, wife of Bertram Walter Hudson for £1525.  The house and grounds occupied land described as frontage 150 feet and 200 foot depth.

Bertram Hudson (d.1933) was one of the managing directors of Richardson & Wrench, estate agents.  His obituary notes that he was connected with Richardson & Wrench for more than 30 years, first as an accountant and secretary and subsequently as one of the managing directors.  In May 1939, Mrs Hudson sold ‘Weeallah’ to Annie Stockman, married woman for £1425.

The house was renamed ‘Stockman Manor’ when owned by Arthur and Annie Stockman.  Stockman was the owner and manager of Arthur Stockman Pty Ltd, chaff merchants, of Beresford Road Strathfield.


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Cathy Jones

(c) Cathy Jones 2012.

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  1. Hello
    Annie Stockman was my great grandmothers sister, Janet Laird, they were from Sandy Flat Tenterfield.


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