Illustration of Bickley designed by George Sydney Jones, now demolished. 20 Albyn Rd Strathfield. Appeared in Art & Architecture 1979.

‘Bickley’ Albyn Road

‘Bickley’ was located on the eastern corner of Albyn Road and Kingsland Road Strathfield.  It was built in 1894 for Mrs Helen Lloyd Jones to a design by her nephew architect George Sydney Jones.  Mrs Jones was the widow of Davd Jones & Co Chairman, Edward Lloyd Jones, who died in a rail accident in 1894.

‘Bickley’ was later occupied by Mrs Jones’ daughter and son-in-law, Alice (May) Ross Nott (1871-1946) and Arthur Ross Nott (1861-1949).   The house was gifted to the Notts by Mrs Jones.   After the death of Alice in 1946, Nott submitted plans for conversion of ‘Bickley’ into a boarding house, which was a common use of large homes in Strathfield during this period.  The plans were approved by Strathfield Council (Building Application 54/50).  The boarding house conversion was never implemented.

After the death of Nott in 1949, the land was purchased by Don Sumner, who demolished ‘Bickley’ in 1956 and then subdivided the property, creating residential lots facing Albyn Rd and Kingsland Rd.

The current house at 18-20 Albyn Road Strathfield was designed by architect Denis G Moulen.  This house was completed in 1958 at cost of £12000.

Written by Cathy Jones

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