‘Ravenswood’ 65 Homebush Road Strathfield

by Cathy Jones (2005, updated 2017 & 2023)

‘Ravenswood’ is located at 65 Homebush Road Strathfield.  It is formerly a house but is now used as administrative offices for Strathfield Council.  This house was acquired by Strathfield Council in 1961.

‘Ravenswood’ was built in 1902 for Edgar Boston, Director of E. Way & Co, a prominent city department store.  E. Way & Co was located in Pitt St Mall, next to Myers (the façade is still visible).

The plan of the house design is dated 28 July 1902 and signed by G H Dale, contractor. George H Dale was master builder from Meryla Street Burwood.  Dale also served as an Alderman on Burwood Council.

George Dale, 1924, Burwood Jubilee Souvenir, Burwood CouncilGeorge Dale, 1924, Burwood Jubilee Souvenir, Burwood Council
George Dale, 1924, Burwood Jubilee Souvenir, Burwood Council

Edgar Boston died in 1906 at the young age of 49 years.  He had worked for E. Way & Co for thirty years.  Boston’s funeral procession left from ‘Ravenswood’ to Rookwood, where he was buried.

Funeral Edgar Boston 7 February 1906 Town & Country Journal p16
Funeral Edgar Boston 7 February 1906 Town & Country Journal p16

Following his death, the property was transferred to his wife, Susan.   Mrs Boston continued to reside at ‘Ravenswood’ until her death in 1948. ‘Ravenswood’ was then purchased by Ernest and Elsie Melheuish, leather goods manufacturers, who owned the property until 1961. Council records note that this property was used as a boarding house.

In 1961, Strathfield Council sold the former Town Clerk’s residence ‘Halloween’ (69 Redmyre Road) and acquired ‘Ravenswood’.  ‘Ravenswood’ had larger grounds which enabled Council to build on the rear of the site to expand the administrative offices of the Council.

Though the expansive front gardens facing Homebush Road have been well maintained, the rear and side gardens have been reduced with further extensions to the Council Chambers and building of a new office block in the late 1990’s at the rear of ‘Ravenswood’.  Initially, ‘Ravenswood’ accommodated the Engineering Office, Parks Supervisor’s Office and Mayor’s Room. The back of the building was used as a residence for the Council caretaker, a position that has since been abolished.

Despite the Council using ‘Ravenswood’ for over forty years as office accommodation, most of the original features of the home have been retained including fireplaces, pressed metal ceilings, leadlight doors and internal archways. ‘Ravenswood’ also provides accommodation for the offices of the Mayor and General Manager of Strathfield Council.

The former Town Clerk’s residence ‘Halloween’ at 69 Redmyre Rd has again been acquired by Strathfield Council and the building was restored in 2020 and is now used for offices.

Heritage Status

‘Ravenswood’ is heritage listed items on the Strathfield Council Local Environmental Plan and is located within the Redmyre Road Heritage Conservation Area.


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© Cathy Jones 2005, updated 2017 & 2023