Strathfield Sands Directory 1887


including Homebush and Redmyre and part of Druitt Town

Bounded on the east side by the Redmyre boulevard, on the south by the Liverpool road to Cook’s river; thence in a northerly line to the Great Southern railway; thence along the said railway line to Strathfield  station.

Incorporated May 28 1885.

Area – 1280 acres

Miles of streets – 16 ½

Annual value – ₤33,000

Council Chambers – Homebush road.  Council meets on alternate Tuesdays. 

Office hours – Mondays 6 to 8pm, Wednesdays and Fridays 4 to 5.30.


William Von der Heyde


Albert Allen

Henry A. Perkins

James Thompson

H C Fraser

G. Arthur Thompson


F. G. Bennett


J Fitzgerald


Abbotsford road [Homebush]Homebush road to Coventry roadRichards, William E., auctioneerThompson, Samuel, ‘Rothsay’

Binney, F. W. ‘Hawthorn’

Meredith street

Shipley, John J. ‘Florenceville’

Rochester street

Myles -, ‘Cambria’

Agnes street [Strathfield]

Cotswold road to Kingsland street

Heaphy, A.S, dentist

Sidney, Robert K, insurance agent

Watson, W.H., warehouseman

Albert street [Strathfield]

Elva street to bush

Congregational Church – Rev. George Rayner

Albert road [Homebush]

Todman, George F., ‘Milroy’

Von der Heyde, William ‘Elwood House’

Newman, William, ‘Chepstow’

Vallack, Richard, merchant

Robinson, Phillip ‘Hughenden’

Thompson, James, merchant, ‘Glenfarne’

Phillips, Robert ‘Andross’

Alviston street [Strathfield]

Railway street to Homebush road

Sturt, Albert, accountant, Kensington cottage

Hill, George M, bookbinder

Albyn road, late Railway street [Strathfield] – North side

The Boulevard to Homebush road

Ford, Mrs C, ‘Compton cottage’

Moodie, Captain Robert T, ‘Airlie’

Cargill, Captain, ‘Lamlobia’

Alviston road

William Chorley, tailor, ‘Agenoria cottage’

South side

Thompson, G.A., ‘Llanelly’

Watts, Henry, cabinet maker

Allum, George, builder

Butler, William ‘Charles Villa’

Robinson, Louis, ‘Rotherhythe’

Beresford street [Homebush]

Homebush road to Coventry road

King, Rev. G

Broughton road

Boulevard [Strathfield]

Railway to Liverpool road

Smith, Harold, ‘Silwood’

Edwards, C. F. ‘Walthamstow’

Beaumont, William ‘Presteign’

Remington John C, ‘Clareinnis’

Remington R.T., ‘Clareinnis’

Remington Robert, ‘Clareinnis’

Fairfax and Hall, grocers and drapers

Redmyre road

Findley, William S.

Read, James A.

O’Brien, Mrs K ‘Keira House’

Margaret street

Fraser, H.C. ‘Parkstone’

Carrington avenue

Inglis, James ‘Craigo

Strathfield avenue

Buzacott Walter S

Hardie, John ‘Strathfield’’

Torrington road

Woodward avenue

Hardie Mrs W, ladies school ‘Wavertree’

Albyn road

Thompson, T.J. stockbroker, ‘Malvern’

Jones P. Sydney, surgeon, ‘Llandilo’

Quodling, William ‘Couranga’

Wakeford’s road

Henisley Alexander, solicitor

Highgate street

Brett, James

Liverpool road


Bridge street

Homebush Crescent to Coventry road

Young, John, gardener

Young, Ludwig, gardener

Abbotsford raod

Burlington road

Happ, Andrew, gardener


Broughton road [Homebush] – North side

Rochester street

Meredith street

Reuss, F. H. jnr, architect and surveyor ‘Woodbine’

Bridge street


South side

White, Daniel

McKenzie, David

Rochester street

Meredith street

Slatyer, Charles, architect ‘Ridgemount’

Bailey, Edwin, merchant ‘Stoneleigh’


Burlington road [Homebush] – North side

Homebush road

Latta, G J

Public school – James Stevenson, master

Rochester street

Capel, Charles, carpenter

Wesleyan church – Rev. B J Meek

Wright, Frederick, produce merchant

South side

Travers Gustav, German consul, ‘Prospect’

Jackson, H W, M.D. ‘Wambiana’

Balmain, John H, surveyor

Bagot, J C

Hurst, George, surgeon

Bailey, Henry, assistant station master

Read George, sheep classer

Rochester street

Stewart, Thomas ‘Kelvinbank house’

Meredith street

Pain, Henry

Shortland W.H., ‘Garaville’

Uther, Henry ‘Marlbon house’

Bushy Hill street [Homebush]

Off Homebush road

Thomas, Henry, carpenter, ‘Ecclesville’

Treat, Frank B, ‘Seven Oaks’

Florence street


Carington avenue [Strathfield]

Boulevard to Vernon street

Ferguson, Percy C ‘Dumbarton’


Clarendon road [Strathfield] – North side

Off The Boulevard

Wadham, Frederick, surgeon


South side

Heness, Henry G

Smith, Horace, stonemason

Leeson, Benjamin, stonemason

McDaid, Patrick, gardener

Hewett, Charles, carpenter

Johns, Henry, stonemason

Holley, William, brickmaker

Cooper street [Strathfield]

Mosely street to Railway line

Beckhaus, John, gardener

Shaw, Henry, painter

Rusten, John T

Pearson, Thomas

Burn, Mrs

Fitzgerald, James, Inspector of Nuisances

Green, William

Maund, Mrs

Day, Murphy, sheep farmer

Coventry Road [Homebush] – North side

Beresford street

Broughton street

Bridge street


South side

Bentley George, brickmaker

Potts, F H ‘Hydebrae’

Bellingham, Mrs J

Creek street [Homebush]

Wentworth road to Powell’s creek

Kelly, John, wheelwright

Fuller, Mrs


Eve Street [Strathfield]

Liverpool road

Lock, Robert, upholsterer

Keen Peter, brickmaster

Honer, Henry, brickmaster

Kitchen, Walter

Bowser, William

Kelcher, F.J.

Fairholm street [Strathfield]

Homebush road to Kingsland street

Muddle, Charles J., conveyancer, ‘Fairholm’


Florence street [Homebush]

Bushy Hill street to Redmyre road

Redmyre road

Parsons, F.W., land agent

Elwin street

Gibbs, A.G, solicitor, ‘Alcot’


Hammersmith road [Homebush]

Off Parramatta road

Harris, Nicholas

Boulden, Richard

Houlahan, Michael, timber merchant

Hudson Brothers limited, timber merchants

Henson, George R, station master, Homebush


High street [Strathfield] – North side

Liverpool road

Brien, Mrs

Cincia, Peter, plasterer, Biella cottage

Andrews James, gardener

Brien, Thomas

Cross street

South side

Dickson, James, horsebreaker

Saville, James, drayman

Follan, Wright, brickmaker

Highgate street [Strathfield]

Off Boulevard

Hollingsworth, Thomas

Ryan, Matthew

Brett, Henry

Richards, Llewellyn

Lysaght, Thomas

Tesch, F W C

Homebush crescent [Homebush]

South side of railway

Homebush road

Abbott John, storekeeper

Rochester street

Meredith street

Brush, John, jun., saddler, ‘Hillside’

Mutch, William

Booth, Robert G

Gregg, Alexander W. S., auctioneer, ‘Earraville’


Homebush roadLiverpool road to railwayThomas, William H., storekeeper, ‘Hawthorne’Woodward’s avenue

Bouffler Franz, ‘Hawthorne’

Redmyre road

Powell, Edward, wheelwright, ‘Richmond villa’

Albert road

Betts, Robert C.

Homebush crescent

West side [Homebush]

Wilkinson, Alfred, baker

Smith, Henry

Coppin, James J, brickmaker

Amos, Mrs A

Horner, William, brickmaker

Slater, William, brickmaker

Glass Robert, carpenter

Jones, John B, solicitor, ‘Hatherley’

Bushy Hill street

Bennett, F G., estate agent,’Franklin cottage’

Council chambers – F G Bennett, council clerk

Elwin street

Gabb, Mrs J

Turner, C. W., plumber

McPhee, William ‘Glencairn’

Redmyre road

Powell, J R., ‘Terry Hi, Hi’.

Homebush crescent

Liverpool road, Strathfield – North side

The Boulevard to Lillypilly creek

[See also Enfield]

Brown, Thomas, blacksmith

Brown, Mrs

Long street

Seccombe Mrs ‘Rome house’

High street

Trollope, Frederick, ‘Clavering cottage’

Campion, Lieut. H.W., R.N.

Fels, Ernest T, Walthamstowe

Vernon, Donald

Cadden, H

Cross street

West, Rev. William, ‘Palmyra cottage’

Finucane, Henry, storekeeper

Sykes John, brickmaker

Chitter, Charles

Public school – W.W. Board, master

Homebush road

Allen Albert & Co., storekeepers

Allen and Wilkinson, bakers

Trotter, William, warehouseman, ‘Narellan’

Burton, Charles, ‘Rose cottage’

Smith, James H.

Congregational Church – Rev. J Binning

Cooke, Arthur D, artist

Stone, Henry

Smith, John, grazier

Paget, Charles, charcoal burner

Bratby, Samuel

Chatterton, Edward

Prentis, Mrs, butcher

Barber, Silas, gardener

Lillypilly creek

[See also Druitt Town]

Long street [Strathfield]

Liverpool road to Homebush road

Cross street

Fallan, John, brickmaker

Patman, William

Cross street

Henry Calvert

Margaret street [Strathfield] – North side

The Boulevard to Redmyre road

Todd, James, accountant, ‘Underwood’

Sly, George J, solicitor, ‘Eldon’

Cowper, Charles, shipping agent, ‘Chatsbury’

South side

Aldous, Horace J

Bird H S, ‘Welbeck’’

Meredith street [Homebush] – West side

Homebush crescent to Coventry road

Burlington road

Wesleyan Church school

Sutcliffe, Frank, engineer

Bayle, William, ‘Paruna house’

Abbotsford road

Broughton road

Perkins, Henry A. ‘Barangah’

Arndill Andrew, ‘Verona’

Mosely street [Strathfield]

William street to Railway line

Williams, John, shipbroker, ‘Holmwood

Nichol parade [Strathfield] – East side

Off Torrington road

Lewis, Greville, conveyancer, ‘Woodleigh’

Edwards, Mrs, ‘Cenia’

Allard Horace, accountant, ‘Wairwara’

Parramatta road [Homebush] – North side

Flemington cattle yards to Powell’s creek

Bloomfield, C. H., ‘Homebush house’

Blackwell, Thomas, drover

Flemington road

Wentworth hotel – John Sturt

Hughes, Charles, drover

Edmonds, John, drover

Bedford street

Wentworth road

Scrimshaw, Charles

Hudson Brothers limited, brickmakers

Woolley, William, gardener

Golby Peter, blacksmith

Elton and Hardy, butchers

Dalton, Mrs

Mordue, William, storekeeper

McKenzie, John and J, butchers

Wright, Frederick, produce merchant

Packer, George

Powell’s creek


South side

Murphy Mrs J

Murphy Michael, carter

Flemington road

Hill, Clark & Co., receiving yards

Pitt, Son and Badgery, receiving yards

Flemington cattle sale yards – Hugh Gordon

Bedford street

Wentworth road

Kellaway, Alfred, coach builder

Bennett, J C

Horse and Jockey Hotel – W C Cribb

Evans, H, fruiterer

Debus, Henry, baker

Knight, Mrs M

Knight, E

Johnson, Walter, storekeeper

Johnson, W G, butcher

Farlow, W, drover

Martineer, Mrs H

Robbards, Robert W, solicitor

Wetton, Edward, produce merchant

Doutty, C G A, postmaster, Homebush

Price, Edward J

Twoomey, Francis

Timbs, John, constable

Howell, John J, ‘Hilton’

Salkilld, Benjamin

Police station

Parramatta road [Strathfield]

Murphy, Daniel, ‘Heyfield’

Murphy, Francis ‘Heyfield’

Police station – Henry Kirby, sergeant

Powell street [Homebush]

Wentworth road to Powell’s creek

Farlow, G W, drover

Kellaway, Frederick, coachbuilder

McCosker, Edwin, engineer

Lee Thomas, engine fitter

Redmyre road [Homebush]

The Boulevard to Homebush road

Kent, H C., architect ‘Kelmwood’

Priddle, C J

Elwin, Theodore, draftsman

Redmyre road [Strathfield]

Boulevard to bush

Molyneaux, Joseph A, woolbroker,. ‘Glenwood’

Creagh, Rev. S. M., ‘Staverton’

Powell and Co., brickmakers

South side

Rolin, Thomas B, solicitor

Tucker, Captain James, ‘Bickleigh’

Deas-Thompson, E R, ‘Riccarton’

Kelly, William, builder

Margaret street

Vernon, John ‘Springfield’

Rose, Rev. H J [C.E.]

Vernon street

Simpson Harry, timber merchant, ‘Rossmoyne’

Homebush road

Rochester street [Homebush]

Homebush crescent to Coventry road

Calder, Andrew

Torrington road [Strathfield]

The Boulevard to Alviston road

Kent, F D, solicitor, ‘Braunton’

Sulman, John ‘Glencoe’

Sly, Richard M, LL.D., ‘Otira’

Nichol parade

Campbell James R., accountant, ‘Leven’

Toohey, James M, M.L.A., ‘Torrington

Whiddon, S., Wadham cottage’

Vernon street [Strathfield]

Redmyre road to Alviston road

Parker, John, commercial traveler

Morton, Charles E, accountant, ‘Dunhome’

Redmyre street

St Ann’s Church of England – Rev. H.J. Rose, incumbent

Ross, Alexander

Wakeford’s road [Homebush]

Off Boulevard

Price Charles, ‘Cotswold’

Wentworth road

Parramatta road to Flemington road

Prentice, Edward ‘Walhallow cottage’

William street

Cross street to Homebush road

Prentis, Roland, butcher

Prentis, Frederick, drover

Woodward avenue [Strathfield]

Boulevard to Homebush road

Moss John, bricklayer

Perry, J S, merchant ‘Kempton’

Bruce John, gardener


Dolsen, Alexander, salesman

Williams, David C, painter

Dick, John

Johnstone, William

Tudor, John