40 Broughton Road Strathfield. Photo Cathy Jones 2021

40 Broughton Road Strathfield

by Cathy Jones

40 Broughton Road Strathfield is located on Section 7 of the Village of Homebush Estate. The house is listed as a heritage item on Strathfield Councils’ Local Environmental Plan and is described as:

‘A single storey brick, interwar styled house.  An asymmetrical façade features a tile hip roof with a projecting gable that displays half timbering and patterned brickwork.  Timbers windows have coloured glass badges in the centre with thick glazing bars.  Other elements include timber shutters, decorative brick panelled chimney, low brick fence, a carport incorporated into the design and a perimeter garden.  This well maintained house is of local significance as it represents infill development from the 1930s and 1940s.  It is of particular significance as Broughton Road has a wide variety of housing from Victorian through to modern.  This variety represents the full range of development found within the 1878 Underwood Estate’[1].

The house ‘Carisbrook’ was located on Lot 11 and owned by Mrs Mary Dight.  At this time it was numbered 38 Broughton Road[2]. Mrs Dight subdivided Lot 11 into two lots, each with a frontage of 50 feet and depth of 300 feet[3].  The house remained on the western portion of the land.  The section that was occupied by a tennis court was offered for sale c1935.  This site was acquired by Alexander Cennential Stubbs (1887-1979).[4]  Stubbs is listed as a salesman on Strathfield Council Valuation Lists and Electoral Rolls[5].  He had served in the Australian Imperial Forces (AIF) from 1916-1918 during World War 1. After his return from service, he married Mable Barnes (1888-1972) at Burwood NSW in 1919.   The couple lived at 3 Abbotsford Road Homebush prior to moving to Broughton Road when the new house was completed likely early 1936[6].

In September 1935, Stubbs made an application to Strathfield Council to build a brick house with a tiled roof of 6 rooms[7].  The estimated value of the works was £1150[8].  Stubbs owned this house until mid-1960s[9].  The house was numbered 36 Broughton Road, but renumbered in 1957 to 40 Broughton Road.


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