Osdora 93 Albert Rd. Photo Cathy Jones 2020

‘Osdora’ 91 Albert Rd Strathfield

By Cathy Jones

In December 1889, land was transferred from William Russell to Sydney Richard Corkhill, a clerk of Sydney.  ‘Osdora’ was built 1890 for Corkhill, who lived at this property until his death in 1935. It is likely the house name is based on the names of his two eldest children – Oswald and Doris.

Corkhlll (1852-1935) was born in England, and came to Sydney at an early age. He was educated at St. Mark’s Collegiate School, Macquarie Fields, and The King’s School, Parramatta, and then entered the Public Service and became a high ranking NSW Treasury Official.  According to Sands Government Directories, Corkhill was head of the Examining Branch and later Receiver of Treasury (Revenue Branch).  He retired from the office of receiver at the Treasury in 1913. His wife Edith died in 1909 and after his retirement travelled abroad. ‘Osdora’ was occasionally rented during these absences.  He died at his home in Strathfield in 1935.  He was survived by one son, Oswald Corkhill (1885-1943) and two daughters, Mrs. Doris Single (née Corkhill) (1889-1964) and Edith Rahel Corkhill (1892-1970).

After Corkhill’s death in 1935, ownership of ‘Osdora’ transferred to his children, Oswald Elfe Corkhill and Edna Corkhill as joint tenants.  Oswald, an accountant, was the general secretary of the Associated Dominions Assurance Society Ltd.  ‘Osdora’s’ original land holdings have been reduced through subdivision of its rear grounds facing Beresford Road.

By 1942, ownership transferred to David and Dorothy Meyrick. By 1945, to Alfred Sattler, by 1951, Giovanni & Teresina Manenti, guest house proprietors and by 1957, Josef & Rosa Komander.


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