‘Tora’ 46 Redmyre Road Strathfield

By Cathy Jones

Early land owners of lots from the Redmire Estate were John and Donald Vernon.  Donald Vernon was traffic manager of NSW Railways and built the home ‘Parkstone’ (which has been demolished but faced Margaret Street).  John Vernon, the NSW Auditor General, built ‘Springfield’ (which has been demolished and faced Redmyre Road).  The Vernon’s subdivided their land c.1880 as the ‘Mount Vernon Estate’, which created Vernon Street, Brunswick Street (then called Redmyre St) and lots on Redmyre Road and Homebush Rd.  Properties 34 to 70 Redmyre Road are built on the Mount Vernon Estate. 

‘Tora’ 46 Redmyre Road was built by owner/builder Daniel O’Curry.  O’Curry also built 48 Redmyre Road and St Martha’s Catholic Church Strathfield in Churchill Avenue Strathfield.

In August 1924, O’Curry made an application to build a brick dwelling of 7 rooms and offices at an estimated cost of £1200.  After the house was completed, O’Curry and his wife Mary lived in the house from 1924 to 1929.  In June 1929, the house was sold to Linda Lomax, wife of Percy Lomax, gentleman for £2,000 and then quickly resold in July 1929 to James McKee Thompson, gentleman for £2500.  The house was named ‘Tora’. In September 1940, the house was transferred from the estate of James Thompson to Olive Ward Thompson. 


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