Sands Strathfield & Homebush 1879

This edition published district information under the listing HOMEBUSH including REDMYRE”.

Abbott, J, drover
Allen, A., storekeeper, Liverpool rd
Arthur, W, postmaster
Bambury, William, drover
Beckhouse, J., gardener, Redmyre
Bloomfield, C.H., Racecourse
Broderick, –
Burns, Mrs
Chapman, W.E.
Cox, John, carter
Cribb, C., butcher
Davis, G. C, barrister, Clermont
Deering, John, surveyor
Elwin, Theodore
Farlow, Mrs, publican
Flavelle, John, jeweler
Freeman, John
Fright, Henry, fettler
Fullagar, Henry
Gee, Alban
Golby, George
Hall, Alfred
Hayes, W. G., Llangrove
Hays, John
Hennessy, Henry, fettler
Hewitt, John
Hughes, Charles
Isaacs, Walter
Jones, L.S.
Knight, J., storekeeper
Low, A.S., Sunnyside
Martineer, Henry
Morrice, John
Muffle, A.,M., Redmyre
McCarthy, W.F., solicitor, Seven Oaks
McCosker, Edward
Nichol, D., Redmyre
Nichol, G., builder, Redmyre
Nott, R., Silwood
Oates, G., builder, Cotswold
Ottock, Charles
Parnell, C, Thornleigh
Prentice, Edward
Quodling, H, Redmyre
Rielly, John
Robberds, R.W., solicitor, Wardie
Row, A., Redmyre
Simpson, William
Smith, Walter, corn store
Vernon, D., Parkinson house, Redmyre
Vernon, John, Redmyre
Walker Mrs, Rhodes
Walker, Thomas, Yaralla
Williams, John, Holmwood, Redmyre
Wright, J M, Redmyre

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