‘Taunton’ 44 Redmyre Road Strathfield

By Cathy Jones

‘Taunton’ was built c.1888 and first owned by David Buchannan MLC (1823-1890).  Buchannan was a prominent lawyer, author and member of the NSW Legislative Assembly (1860-1889) and NSW Legislative Council (1889-1890).  Buchannan’s primary residence was located at ‘Clareinnis’ The Boulevarde.  Buchannan and his wife Agnes owned a number of houses in Strathfield, as income and investment properties.  Buchannan died in 1890 but the house was managed by his estate for many years.  His estate transferred to his widow and upon her death in 1900, the estate transferred to his brother.

An early tenant was industrialist Harold Hastings Deering.  By 1908, the house was owned by Mrs Harriet Levien and then Mrs R Douglas.  During these periods of ownership, the house was generally tenanted.

About 1918, the house was sold to Arthur Mann and his wife, Minnie.  The Mann family owned the house until the 1950s.

In April 1953, the house was transferred from the estate of Arthur Mann to Roy Mann, hairdresser.  Mann sold the house to Dr Lance Hewitt in January 1955 for £4325.  The house was sold to Leo Furlong, paper classifier in September 1956 for £5800.  In February 1958, Eric Smith purchased the house for £5850.


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