Bressington Park from Saleyards Creek. Photo Cathy Jones

Bressington Park

by Cathy Jones

Bressington Park is located on Underwood Rd, Homebush. It is bounded by Powells Creek, Saleyards Creek and Homebush Bay Drive.

The land on which Bressington Park is located is north of Saleyards Creek. This area was formerly part of the larger Mason Park. In 1956, this area of the park was separated from Mason Park and renamed after George Bressington. 

Bressington was employed from 1906-1937 as the overseer of  Homebush Council.  Bressington was elected as an Alderman in 1937 and served until 1947. He was elected as Mayor of Homebush from 1941-1947. 

The rear of Bressington Park was used as an all-purpose garbage tip until 1977 and the site was levelled off and land used for recreation purposes.  The park was reduced in size with the building of Homebush Bay Drive and the realignment of Council boundaries in 1992. 

Part of Bressington Park is now known as Bicentennial Park in Sydney Olympic Park.