Lawrence Raw

Alderman 1953 to 1975

Lawrence Raw ticket 1968 election
Lawrence Raw ticket 1968 election

Laurence Stanley Raw was first elected to Strathfield Council at the ordinary Council election held on 5 December 1953.  He served as an independent until his death on 8 May 1975. 

The following Mayoral Minute was read at the meeting of 9 May 1975.

It is my sad duty to record the sudden death of Alderman Laurence Stanley Raw at his home on Thursday, 8th May, 1975. Alderman Raw was first elected to the Council at the Ordinary Elections held on 5th December, 1953, and he has served continuously for a period of 21 ½ years, and as such was the longest serving member of the Council.

He retired some years ago from the Commonwealth Public Service where he served in a number of departments including the Auditor General. Alderman Raw’s death represents a severe loss to the Council and the local community, as he had a close knowledge of the Municipality, particularly the Strathfield area, where he resided for the last 30 years.

Alderman Raw was a sincere and vigorous representative for residents of the area, particularly senior citizens, and he was very gratified in the last few years to see the Council ease the rates burden on pensioners by granting an approximate full rebate of rates. He possessed an extensive knowledge of social service and repatriation pensions, and his door was always open to any person seeking assistance in these matters. Accordingly, he was held in high esteem by the senior citizens in the community.

Alderman Raw was extremely mindful of the problems of pedestrians relating to traffic, the state of footpaths, passenger shelters and similar amenities. Various pram ramps in gutters and the handrail in the subway at Strathfield Station were installed after his representations. He strongly advocated the traffic signals now installed at Raw Square and Albert Road, and those at Strathfield Post Office. His memory in Strathfield will be preserved by the naming of Raw Square in his honour.

A by-election was held on 2 August 1975 to elect his replacement.  John Elvy was elected.

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