Carrington Avenue Strathfield

‘Wynne’s Paddock’ Subdivision Poster

Carrington Avenue Strathfield is located on part of the Redmire Estate, which was subdivided and offered for sale in 1867.

The original purchaser of this lot was Richard Wynne, a slate merchant and first Mayor of Burwood Council (1874). Wynne is best known for the Wynne Art Prize, established from a financial bequest after his death in 1895.

The lot remained undeveloped for nearly twenty years resulting in the vacant land being known locally as ‘Wynne’s Paddock’. When the land was finally subdivided into residential lots in 1886, the estate was marketed as ‘Wynne’s Paddock’.

Carrington Avenue is named for Lord Carrington, a former Governor of NSW.

Historic properties

Glen Luna’ 2-4 Carrington Avenue Strathfield

’Tresta’ 6 Carrington Ave Strathfield

‘Royston’ 14 Carrington Ave Strathfield

‘Illemong’ 20 Carrington Ave Strathfield

‘Dunbarton’ 26-28 Carrington Ave Strathfield

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