Brora Merley Rd. Photo Cathy Jones 2023

‘Brora’ 39 Merley Rd Strathfield

By Cathy Jones

‘Brora’ 39 Merley Road Strathfield is an interwar California Bungalow.   This house is built on lot 58 of the Hydebrae Estate, which was marketed for sale in 1922.  An application to build a brick house with a tiled roof of five rooms was lodged and approved in August 1923 for its owner Robert James Ferguson, an engineer.  The estimated value of the construction was £1000.  The builder was R Madero, Drummoyne.

Robert Ferguson retained ownership until his death in 1966.  The house was transferred to his widow Maggie Ferguson (formerly Underwood), who died in 1981.


Commonwealth of Australia Electoral Rolls Electorate of Reid 1934, 1935 and Electorate of Lowe 1954

Department of Valuer-General, Valuation Lists, Municipality of Strathfield 1924, 1936, 1942, 1960

Notices of Land Transfers

Ryerson Index

Strathfield Council Building Register Vol.2 (1920-1924)

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