Redmyre Road postcard c.1910s
Postcard featuring Redmyre Road Strathfield c.1910s

Strathfield is known for its transport systems, particularly Strathfield Rail Station which is one of the largest stations in Sydney and is part of a network which features metro, regional, freight, country and state rail connections.   Due to historical development, the Strathfield district boasts three rail stations within a short distance of each other at Strathfield, Homebush and Flemington.

Strathfield is also serviced by some of Sydney’s major regional roads including M4 Motorway, Parramatta Road and Liverpool Road (Hume Highway).

Strathfield has extensive local walkways though streets and parks as well as the Bay to Bay Cycleway, which passes through many different council areas.  It is not commonly known but the design and layout of Strathfield from the late 1880s was influenced by Ebenezer Howard’s Garden City and a desire to create a pedestrian friendly suburb, with networks of footpaths and nature strips.

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